The Northport Wellness Center is excited to announce our upcoming Facebook Live presentation: Understanding Caregiver/Patient Relationships and the Benefits of Food with Emotional Content - A Presentation and Cooking Demonstration by Jonathan Forgash, Northport Wellness Center affiliate practitioner and founder and chef of Seek Servana. Seek Servana offers enlightened care for the cancer and wellness communities.

  • Discover the unique relationship between caregiver and patient.
  • Understand how treatments can affect a person's taste, palate and appetite.
  • Learn how to cook to meet a patient’s unique needs.
  • Understand food with emotional content and how that can benefit mood, appetite and more.
  • Avoid emotional pitfalls that often arise between patient and caregiver.
  • Learn the many opportunities to achieve a greater quality of life with support from Seek Servana.

This special Facebook Live presentation will take place Thursday, August 10th at approximately 7:45PM!