Wellbeing for individuals challenged by cancer or serious illness. 

Phone consultation

Review your medical, dietary and culinary status.

Discuss "food with emotional content."

Mindfulness in the kitchen. An empowering approach to improved health.

Cooking for a changing palate and appetite.

How to set  up and maintain a safe kitchen environment.

Understanding the patient and caregiver relationship.

Support groups and chef care in your area.


Weekly check in

By phone or home visit.

For patient or caregiver.

Kitchen prep

Clean, organize and stock the kitchen for an immune compromised diet. Suggest kitchen items, cleaning supplies and books. Discuss safety and inspired cooking.


Personal instruction

Shopping tour at your local market. Cooking lessons. Review safety and sanitation rules.

For patients and caregivers.


Private chef services

The chef will visit your home on a part time basis.

Each visit is up to four hours. Includes shopping, cooking and kitchen clean up.

Prepare meals with "emotional content" for the household.

Menus are discussed before each visit.

Shopping budget created by client.