Are you cooking for someone with a serious illness? Confused and uninspired in the kitchen? I can help. 

A one on one private consultation can provide the knowledge, confidence and inspiration you need to take control in the kitchen and prepare delicious healthy meals.

Each consultation includes

  • Phone intake with a licensed nutritionist and dietician. We learn about your illness, treatment and medication. Have your culinary related questions answered by a friendly professional who understands what you are going through.

  • Phone intake with Chef Jonathan Forgash to to review the intake and discuss diet and food issues. We will have a conversation about your food likes and dislikes, cultural background, food allergies, etc.. You will learn about mindfulness and "foods with emotional content". This is the foundation of cooking for those in treatment, recovery and the path to wellness. We will talk about the patient caregiver relationship to help avoid pitfalls that may arise at home.

  • A custom recipe collection that gets you started in the kitchen. Chef Jonathan's lists of favorite kitchen tools, cooking tips, important information regarding kitchen safety and sanitation, websites and cook books. Information emailed in pdf format.

  • Follow up phone call to review information and answer any questions.

  • Monthly personal chef calls available for an additional fee.

Please contact Chef Jonathan


"Some say laughter is the best medicine.

I say laughter and a good meal is the best medicine."

- Jonathan Forgash

Founder and chef at Seek Servana