Microbiome, fiber and you

Fiber and the microbiome. You will see more news on these topics as doctors realize a healthier lifestyle can be found at farm stands and the produce aisle.

What can prebiotics do for me?

"New attention is now focused on prebiotics, which are indigestible fiber that are believed to nourish gut bacteria. Natural sources of prebiotics include asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, bananas and jicama." 

An interesting article explaining what the gut microbiome is and how it affects real life issues such as immunity, inflammation, allergies, asthma, diabetes, weight issues, and even depression and anxiety. The simple key to a healthier you is a diet filled with prebiotics. Read on...

Ask The Doctors: Gut bacteria believed to affect numerous aspects of health

Prebiotics for a stronger you


People often hear about probiotics. The adding of good bacteria to your gut. It is my belief that prebiotics are more important for a healthy you. Think of your gut as a garden. As the steward of this garden, you want to fill it with good bacteria and nutrients. Prebiotics are the building blocks of this fertile, healthy garden. A prebiotic rich gut is more resistant to illness. Better yet, it helps you recover faster. What's the best way to get these prebiotics into your system? Good foods of course! Read on. http://www.health.com/digestive-health/prebiotic-foods